Post series: responsibility & sustainable development

In our new series of posts, we want to highlight the environmental disadvantages of the clothing industry and show our customers how at Lasessor we consider the aspects of responsibility and sustainable development, from the design process to the smallest details of the products. Our design and production team closely follows the development of the industry and is constantly looking for more ecological raw materials and production methods. The environmental impact and responsibility of our products are key factors in our product development. We start the series of posts by introducing the environmentally friendly and durable Lyocell fiber.

Lyocell - compostable & recyclable material

Lyocell, also known by the trade name Tencel, is a responsible and sustainable material. Natural raw materials can be used for its production, e.g. eucalyptus, bamboo, birch and pine. The strength of its production method is environmental friendliness. Unlike when manufacturing other fabrics, the production process is closed. Fabric production does not use as many pesticides and requires less than half the water during both growth and cultivation compared to cotton production. 

Lyocell is 100% biodegradable and has received the EU environmental label. A Lyocell fiber called Ioncell is also currently being developed in Finland, the production process of which uses paper pulp, recycled paper or textile waste. Lyocell products are easy to use and they combine the good properties of natural and synthetic fibers.


Hortense - environmentally friendly & sustainable choice

Eco-friendly Hortense - our scarf is the perfect choice for supporters of responsible and sustainable fashion! The material of the scarf is produced from 100% Lyocell. As a fabric, Lyocell is silky and wonderfully soft, and it does not wrinkle easily. In addition to these features, buying an accessory made of Lyocell material saves money and time. Saving nature and money go hand-in-hand, as environmentally friendly fibers often withstand use and time better than products made from synthetic fibers. 

The delicate and beautiful floral pattern of our Hortense scarf is the handiwork of our talented Finnish designer, who was inspired by Finnish nature. The flower pattern is printed and finished by hand in Finland. 

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