Lasessor Oy is a Finnish accessories company specializing in scarves, whose roots go back to the 1960s. It was then that the son of a Dutch merchant, Dolf Lassooy, fell in love with a Finnish linguistics student visiting Holland and moved to Finland after his crush. In order to employ himself in his new home country, Dolf began to represent and import European scarf brands. The years rolled by, the number of represented brands grew and the business expanded. For almost three decades, the company acted as an agent for different brands until in 1992, Dolf together with his two sons decided to make their own collection and founded Lasessor.

The name Lasessor, in addition to referring to accessories, comes from the family surname Lassooy, which originates from the French word for silk - la soie, referring to the family's silk merchant ancestors. In a couple of decades, Lasessor has grown into Finland's best-selling scarf brand. Today it is still managed by Dolf's sons, Timy and Tony, who together with their professional team work hard to offer the best that is available in the field of accessories. Lasessor's range of accessories is produced in more than fifty manufacturing locations around the world, each of which has its own special expertise. Heritage and constantly developing expertise and know-how guarantees the best possible quality, price and selection.

Lasessor is sold all over Finland and products can be found in both large department stores and smaller specialty stores. In addition to Finland, Lasessor products are also sold in neighboring countries. Since 2010, Lasessor accessories have also been available in the online store. In addition to its own collection, Lasessor represents internationally known accessory brands such as Moomin and Fraas. The company is established and solvent, as proof of this, the company has received AAA credit ratings.