Safety Reflectors – The Little Lifesaver

The winter in Central Europe is of course not as dark as the polar night in the Nordics. And yet, various Pedestrian Safety Associations in Europe – including countries much further south – recommend the use of reflectors. In Estonia and Finland, these accessories have long been required for pedestrians walking at dusk or dark. However, Poland and the Czech Republic have recently also followed suit by strongly encouraging the use of reflectors – demonstrating how valuable this accessory truly is even for pedestrians further south in Europe.

When the days are dark and the sky grey, the visibility on the streets often is bad. Pedestrians wearing dark clothing can then become a risk – not only to the cars – but primarily to themselves.

Not every winter jacket has a reflective strip and often a safety west or reflective belt can be unpractical or easily forgotten. That’s where the Finnish invention – a reflector pendant which is easily attachable to your jacket, bag, beanie etc. – can be the optimal solution to be safe on the go.

Heijastimet - pieni hengenpelastaja

CE certified reflectors reflect light back to its source and help motorists see pedestrians in the dark – up to a distance of 600 m. This helps the motorist to react better in emergency situations and see pedestrians from a distance. Reflectors can be your little lifesaver.

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