2021 New Collection - Design Safety Reflector Jewellery

Pedestrian Safety Reflector Jewelry - Design From Finland 

The LASESSOR Pedestrian Reflector Jewelry has been created with a unique Design from Finland angle. Specifically for the 2021 Collection, our Designer Atso-Kasper Costiander and the LASESSOR Team had the intention to create something that would not need an explanation. It was to be an accessory that people would love without questioning and that would be innovative, full of simplicity and also functionalism – in short, a true Design From Finland.   

While bringing pedestrian safety to the world is the goal of this product, the LASESSOR Team wanted to go much further than just safety. It was their intention that the pedestrian reflector would accentuate the wearer and create an overall look that our customers - fashionable men and women that love timeless and effortless style - would be able to identify with. 

In many areas of the world, pedestrian reflectors are not popular because it has not been clearly communicated how much these small items can protect the wearer. However, much like a seatbelt, wearing pedestrian reflectors can largely protect the wearer from roadside accidents. Thus, in order to encourage the use of these products throughout Europe, it was the goal of the LASESSOR Shine team that the pedestrian reflectors would match the design and fashion needs of the wearer. Many other reflectors are either geared to children or designed as badges – i.e. in support of a hockey team – but few look like an fashion accessory in their own right.  

Thus, the main focus of the LASESSOR Collection was born: Pedestrian Reflector Jewelry. With the simplicity, sturdiness, innovative materials and functional design applied to a simple reflector, our Design from Finland safety reflectors make it fun to be safe. 


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